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What to expect when you become a client.

The way we see it, you deserve a financial advisor who’s committed to building a close working relationship — a partner who combines personal service with leading-edge technology to provide you with the best advisory experience possible.

We ask lots of questions. And really listen.

Once we know what’s truly important to you, we’ll work with you side-by-side, using interactive analysis tools on our iPads to evaluate a range of “what if” scenarios. That will enable us to recommend the most appropriate plan for you. Going forward, you’ll have 24/7 online access to your portfolio, enabling us to work collaboratively with you wherever you are.

Our goal is to simplify your life.

Odds are, you don’t want to delve into the rules governing global markets or spend weekends researching retirement strategies. We’ll take on the burden of oversight for you and perform ongoing monitoring. And we’ll communicate with you regularly — to ensure you’re on track and to help you adapt to changing conditions or life events.

Get a clear picture of your finances from our interactive tools.

Retirement calculator

This preview is for illustrative purposes only to demonstrate the capabilities of our financial planning software and the experience you would have as RegentAtlantic client.

Easily access your portfolio details with our client portal.

These images are for illustrative purposes only to demonstrate the capabilities of our client portal and the experience you would have as RegentAtlantic client. It is not intended to show the past performance of any RegentAtlantic client nor it is intended to show the performance that any client could achieve in the future.

Working with us Q&A

We will work to accommodate you – in person, over the phone or online, as often as you’d like. For example, using our client portal, we can simultaneously view your portfolio in real time, making phone communication highly productive. Whatever the mode or frequency, our goal is to provide you with the kind of client experience you want.

Letting go can be difficult. In our experience, it comes down to a matter of trust, and we work to make it easier by keeping you informed on a regular basis. We’re an independent firm so our interests are always aligned with yours. We’ve been cultivating long-term relationships for over 30 years.

Yes. As your financial advisor, we need to understand not only your investment goals, but how your assets are held and any tax considerations that may influence our recommendations. That’s why it’s important for us to work as a team with your advisors, sharing knowledge and making the most of these professional resources.

Absolutely. The long-term relationship we develop with you extends to your family, beginning with your spouse and often including your children. We want to know the important people in your life so they understand our role and the recommendations we make on your behalf.

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