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The Continuing Care Retirement Community (also referred to as a Life Plan Community) is an increasingly attractive housing alternative for retirees. With a wide range of communities and types of contracts (all-inclusive, modified or fee-for-service) from which to choose, it is critical to understand the immediate and long-term impact on the individual’s financial status. As a financial advisor, Jim Ciprich specializes in working with prospective residents, both to help them understand the nuances between community types, and advise on how to appropriately determine which category of a Continuing Care Retirement Community or other retirement community best aligns with their desired lifestyle and financial resources.

Assessing the community.

Investing in a Continuing Care Retirement Community is a big financial decision: possibly the equivalent of exchanging your entire home proceeds to cover an entry fee, and contributing an entire pension or all Social Security benefits to cover the ongoing monthly fees. As financial consulting specialists, we know how to evaluate the financials associated with a Continuing Care Retirement Community and recommend you work only with an experienced advisor who is a fiduciary.

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