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You built it. An independent financial advisor can help with what’s next.

Because we’re owned by our employees, many of us are business owners ourselves. As such, we understand the scope of financial and operational responsibilities inherent in running your own company. Business owners have enough demands on their time and energy without the additional burden of mapping a route to retirement or other long-term goals. Having a personal plan is just as important as having a business plan. A financial plan created by an independent financial advisor can save you valuable time and give you the freedom to relax. Knowing you’ve prepared for the future, you can turn your attention to running your business.

The key components of a financial plan for business owners.

Brent Beene and Brian Kazanchy specialize in helping you develop a plan for financial independence, preparing to transition out of a business financially and psychologically, generating a paycheck from the portfolio, succession planning, domicile planning and other strategic planning matters that come with owning your own business.

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