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How we develop an investment strategy to help you reach your goals.

Your investment portfolio is the engine that powers your financial plan and provides the momentum to reach your long-term goals. Our approach is to strive to put you in position to capture returns from market growth over time, while taking advantage of valuation opportunities. We rely on well-diversified portfolios with a bias toward value investments.

It all starts with you.

From the same deep discussions that form the basis of your financial plan, our goal is to develop an investment strategy that’s right for you. We thoroughly discuss the tradeoffs of different debt-to-equity allocations until we identify the balance of portfolio return and volatility that we believe offers the best opportunity.

Nothing “off-the-shelf.”

As independent advisors, we’re not limited by proprietary, off-the-shelf products. Our independence lets us focus on providing unbiased recommendations based on your needs — nothing else. Once your strategy is implemented, we monitor and evaluate your portfolio, researching potential opportunities as they arise and focusing on tax management as appropriate.

Investing Q&A

There’s no question that economic cycles can disrupt an investment plan, especially for those who may be taking on unnecessary risk. That doesn’t mean you can’t make progress toward your goals. We’ll look at your objectives, speak frankly about risk and return, and then suggest a portfolio that makes sense for you.

Investors who base their strategy on achieving a specific return may be putting the cart in front of the horse. We think it’s better to focus on achieving an overall return that is appropriate to your personal goals, the time you have to reach them, and the amount of risk you feel comfortable with.

You need to develop a fully integrated plan that addresses both risks. Our planning process is designed to help put you on a path to financial independence, including the stress-tests we implement for the many possible outcomes around your business exit planning. We’ll work toward a mix that balances your risk tolerance and seeks to provide a high probability of achieving your goals.

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