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The very first choice to make?
A financial advisor who is committed to helping you with the goal of turning your dreams into plans.

Our clients come first — period.

From what’s on your bucket list to what keeps you up at night, you need a financial advisor who truly understands you. We strive to make sure we do. Only then do we develop strategies to help you achieve your goals. And if life or the markets intervene, we’re there to guide you.

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We value our independence — so will you.

As your financial advisor, we’re not paid commissions for generating trades or recommending specific investment products. Because we’re independent — and committed to staying that way — our advice is unbiased and unconstrained by corporate mandates.

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Technology helps us enhance your experience.

It’s why we went paperless back in 1997. And why we use the cloud and iPads today to work more collaboratively with clients. We even create solutions if none exist, like our powerful portfolio rebalancing engine.

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Our choice: Passion, integrity and trust

We’re passionate about enriching the lives of our clients. Our secret? Extraordinary employees and service. Leadership and innovation. And integrity and mutual trust. Plus a community-like culture where clients always feel welcome. It’s not just a better way of doing business. It’s the only way.

Giving back puts our communities ahead

From Habitat for Humanity to holiday shopping for veterans, giving back is part of our culture. For more than 15 years, it’s been our privilege to help many of the local organizations that help our communities.

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