Questions about RAP? Here are some helpful tips for navigating your portal.

How do I retrieve my log-in information? (username and password)

Please contact your team’s RAP expert (analyst) if you forget your username. (See all analyst’s contact info at the bottom of this page)

How do I change my password?

Users can change their password under the “Setup” dropdown menu at the top.

How do I view my different individual accounts?

If you are viewing your complete portfolio or one account, and want to see another individual account like an IRA, there will be a dropdown menu at the top of your page that has the name of the current account you are in. Click on this dropdown menu and it will have the option to view any of your individual accounts- simply click on the account you wish to view next.

RegentAtlantic Portal screen

How do I customize my Dashboard (landing page)?

Your landing page can be customized by selecting the reports you wish to view from the reports menu, then “dragging” and “dropping” them with your mouse, wherever you would like them to appear on your landing page.

Who is my RAP contact at RegentAtlantic?

Your contact is the analyst on your team. Find your Wealth Advisor below and note the name and email address next to them to find your RAP contact:

Wealth Advisor RegentAtlantic Portal contact
Brent Beene Gerald Korey:
Jeffrey Boyer Alicia Wall:
Jim Ciprich Mike Pappachristou:
Chris Cordaro Mike Pappachristou:
Lesley Draper Alex Coriddi:
Eric Furey Alicia Wall:
Brian Kazanchy Alex Coriddi:
Matt Masterson Gerald Korey:
Jane Newton Alex Coriddi:
Chad O’Brien Gerald Korey:
Jim Reilly Mike Pappachristou:
Byran Smalley Alex Coriddi:
Jim Sonneborn Gerald Korey:
Michael Steiner Cynthia Aiken: