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Barbara Bilello named to Crain’s New York Business 2021 Notable LGBTQ Leaders & Executives

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Congratulations to our colleague Barbara Bilello on being named for the second consecutive year to Crain’s New York list of LGBTQ Leaders & Executives.  We applaud Barbara’s leadership in both the LGBTQ arena as well as her commitment to our Firm’s Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) initiatives.  We are proud to be represented on this list by Barbara.

Important Disclosure Information: To ­find the honorees, Crain’s consulted with trusted sources in the LGBTQ and general business communities. At the same time, Crain’s carefully vetted the nominations submitted by fi­rms or individuals headquartered in the metropolitan area or having a major influence or presence there. Ultimately the LGBTQ leaders and executives were selected for their career accomplishments, their mentorship of others, and their involvement in community and industry organizations. Investment performance isn’t an explicit component because not all advisors have audited results and because performance figures often are influenced more by clients’ risk tolerance than by an advisor’s investment-picking abilities. Crain’s does not disclose the number of participants who entered for this award. The Crain’s award may not be representative of any of Barbara Bilello’s or RegentAtlantic’s clients’ experience with Barbara or the firm or any future experience with Barbara or the firm. The Crain’s award is not indicative of Barbara Bilello’s or RegentAtlantic’s future investment performance. The award is meant as a starting point for clients looking for an advisor—a first-pass vetting that can help investors narrow a search. Every advisor will have his or her own approach to investing, financial planning and other services. Clients are encouraged to approach a search for an advisor the way they would a search for a doctor—interviewing multiple professionals and getting opinions from multiple third parties. Please note that there is no fee to participate in the selection.

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