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Equifax Data Breach Settlement

Equifax Data Breach Settlement

During a criminal cyberattack on Equifax's systems in September 2017, personal data on 147 million US consumers was released. Many of our clients' and employees' information was included in this unauthorized data release. A proposed class action settlement was entered…

Marriage Equality And The Tax Considerations

Marriage Equality and the Tax Considerations

Anyone who watches ABC’s Modern Family knows the delightful chaos that permeates the home of Mitchell and Cameron, married fathers whose personalities couldn’t be more different. The couple, who got married during the series’ fifth season, often depicts the hilarity…

Long-Term Investing – How To Define It?

Long-Term Investing – How to Define It?

There are many ways investors interpret the idea of long term. This is particularly relevant when the investor is about to retire and thinks, “I don’t have long term.” Some will define long-term investing with a number, while others define…

Q2 2019 Quarterly Letter: All-Season Portfolio

Q2 2019 Quarterly Letter: All-Season Portfolio

The argument for an all-season portfolio. In the early days of automobiles, you had two sets of tires: snow tires for the winter and performance tires for the summer. Each spring and fall, you needed to change your tires for…

Bonds And The Power Of A Diversified Portfolio

Bonds and the Power of a Diversified Portfolio

Bonds play an important role in a portfolio for many investors. A basket of high-quality bonds will provide a steady return stream, and when added to a portfolio of stocks, they provide some stability if stock markets are declining. Though…

Yield Curve As Predictor Of Recession

Yield Curve as Predictor of Recession

The past months have whipsawed investors.  2018 closed with most asset classes down after a turbulent December.  2019 opened with sharp gains in most asset classes, reversing prior declines.  These jarring moves have investors searching for an explanation, and one…

Individual Or Corporate? Choosing A Trustee

Individual or Corporate? Choosing a Trustee

The estate planning process can be very emotional and is filled with lots of what-ifs and worst-case scenarios.  One of the more important decisions in the process, and one that often does not get enough attention, is selecting a Trustee…

Q1 2019 Quarterly Letter – Investing Is Like Skiing

Q1 2019 Quarterly Letter – Investing is Like Skiing

Experienced skiers know that, no matter how many times you head down the same mountain, no two runs are ever the same. The snow may transform from powdery to sticky to slushy. The weather may be overcast and windy one…

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