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You And Your Aging Parents

You and Your Aging Parents

This past October, RegentAtlantic hosted clients and friends at our Morristown office for an educational panel presentation entitled “You and Your Aging Parents.” Our panelists included Michael Thompson, an estate and elder law attorney with the law firm Cestone &…

Should You Get On The Bitcoin Bandwagon?

Should You Get on the Bitcoin Bandwagon?

Bitcoin has garnered a lot of attention recently, and this is no surprise given its return of about 1000% in the last year (and over 50,000% in the last five years). It is hard to blame someone for seeing returns…

Predictions, Predictions, Predictions For 2018 And Beyond

Predictions, Predictions, Predictions for 2018 and Beyond

What is it about the end of a calendar year that makes folks crave predictions and search for experts like “Carnac the Magnificent”* to forecast the future? This year, I feel people are jonesing for predictions even more than ever.…

Planning Opportunities Under The New Tax Cuts And Jobs Act

Planning Opportunities under the New Tax Cuts and Jobs Act

In December 2017 one of the biggest tax overhauls of the past three decades passed into law. Many will benefit from lower tax rates while others will face tax increases by the substantial loss of deductions.  As we move into 2018,…

How High Is Too High For The Stock Market?

How High is Too High for the Stock Market?

High Stock Market Stocks have rallied a lot from the lows they hit in early 2009.  Stock market gains have come from a combination of confidence in the global economy and robust earnings growth for corporations.  After another year of…

Tax Planning For 2018 And Beyond: Bunching Deductions

Tax Planning for 2018 and Beyond: Bunching Deductions

The recent tax law changes were the most disruptive changes to the tax code in more than 30 years.  The most impactful changes to personal income tax were the elimination and limitation of most major itemized deductions.  At the end…

Tax Bill Changes Explained

Tax Bill Changes Explained

After the 2016 election, many Americans wondered what the major overhaul to the US Tax Code would look like and what the tax bill changes would be. Rumors circulated that a bill would pass early 2017 and applied retroactively to…

Five Tips For Year End Charitable Giving

Five Tips for Year End Charitable Giving

This is one of the most important times of year for charitable fundraising. Nearly a third of all donations are made during the month of December.  There’s nothing like a deadline to motivate, and the end of a tax year…

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