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Recession-Proof Your Business In 4 Ways

Recession-Proof Your Business in 4 Ways

While recessions are seldom welcomed, well-positioned companies can find important opportunities in economic downturns. You can recession-proof your business - if you work to put your business on solid financial footing now and find that your projections leave you in…

Recency Bias And A Business Recession-Proof Plan

Recency Bias and a Business Recession-Proof Plan

I believe that the fear of the next recession is especially strong for investors because of a phenomenon called recency bias, which may encourage investors to make rash decisions that are not in the best interest of their long-term goals.…

Medicare Annual Election Period

Medicare Annual Election Period

The arrival of autumn brings about the changing leaves, pumpkins and cooler weather. It also brings about the Medicare Annual Election Period (AEP). AEP, which occurs between October 15 and December 7, is when current participants in Medicare can evaluate…

Advisor’s Succession Plan Can Impact You

Advisor’s Succession Plan Can Impact You

One question clients often ask me is “What happens to me if something happens to you?” As financial advisors, we work with clients through their “what if” scenarios on a regular basis. For instance, “What if I predecease my spouse early…

ESG Investing Can Help Your Nonprofit Find Talent

ESG Investing Can Help Your Nonprofit Find Talent

Can a commitment to strong ESG investing (environmental, social, and governance) within your retirement plan investments help attract and retain talented employees in your nonprofit organization?  It matters more than you might think.  End Homelessness, a regional nonprofit organization, was…

Tug Of War Economy Between Growth And Recession

Tug of War Economy Between Growth and Recession

As a big guy, I usually get picked early any time there’s a game of tug of war — and I’ve had my fair share of pulling contests over the years. When the teams are well-matched, a good match can…

Retirement Planning Doesn’t End At Retirement

Retirement Planning Doesn’t End at Retirement

Congratulations, you’ve officially retired. In anticipation of this monumental event, you’ve worked hard throughout your career to make smart retirement planning decisions and build a nest egg that will provide financial independence for the rest of your life. You’ve rolled…

Financial Conversations LGBTQ Couples Need To Have

Financial Conversations LGBTQ Couples Need to Have

Some of my fondest memories include sitting around the kitchen table playing The Game of Life with our children. Reminiscing about those afternoons, I realize Milton Bradley’s board game provided a roadmap to the types of financial conversations LGBTQ couples…

ESG Investing Is What You Need In A Tight Labor Market

ESG Investing is What You Need in a Tight Labor Market

Can a commitment to strong environmental, social, and governance  (ESG) practices help attract and retain talented employees? ESG investing matters more than you might think. Consider Donna and Sam Franklin, who were young medical researchers when they met and married. Throughout…

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