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ESG Investing Is What You Need In A Tight Labor Market

ESG Investing is What You Need in a Tight Labor Market

Can a commitment to strong environmental, social, and governance  (ESG) practices help attract and retain talented employees? ESG investing matters more than you might think. Consider Donna and Sam Franklin, who were young medical researchers when they met and married. Throughout…

Retirement Identity – Do You Know Yours?

Retirement Identity – Do You Know Yours?

Imagine yourself at a cocktail party. A new acquaintance asks you what you do for a living. And the answer is, “Nothing.” You’ve recently retired and carefree days—along with a growing sense of idleness—have replaced the sense of purpose your…

Caring For Aging Parents – Continuing The Conversation

Caring for Aging Parents – Continuing the Conversation

RegentAtlantic hosts an annual You and Your Aging Parents presentation featuring a panel of legal, financial, and healthcare experts. The Q&A session is designed to cover the multifaceted planning needs and solutions available to those caring for aging parents. We…

Recency Bias And The Risk Of The Recession

Recency Bias and the Risk of the Recession

In 2019 investors have begun to worry about the risk of a recession in the U.S. and especially about how the investment markets might respond in a recessionary period.  The year has brought a number of reasons for concerns about…

Demystifying The New Business Tax Break

Demystifying the New Business Tax Break

For many business owners and partners, one of the bright spots in the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act of 2017 (TCJA) is a significant new income tax deduction. Pass-through entities that meet certain requirements may deduct up to 20 percent…

Equifax Data Breach Settlement

Equifax Data Breach Settlement

During a criminal cyberattack on Equifax's systems in September 2017, personal data on 147 million US consumers was released. Many of our clients' and employees' information was included in this unauthorized data release. A proposed class action settlement was entered…

Marriage Equality And The Tax Considerations

Marriage Equality and the Tax Considerations

Anyone who watches ABC’s Modern Family knows the delightful chaos that permeates the home of Mitchell and Cameron, married fathers whose personalities couldn’t be more different. The couple, who got married during the series’ fifth season, often depicts the hilarity…

Long-Term Investing – How To Define It?

Long-Term Investing – How to Define It?

There are many ways investors interpret the idea of long term. This is particularly relevant when the investor is about to retire and thinks, “I don’t have long term.” Some will define long-term investing with a number, while others define…

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