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Family Wealth Planning: A Perspective On Perspectives

Family Wealth Planning: A Perspective on Perspectives

At RegentAtlantic, we enjoy partnering with multiple generations of our clients’ families. Not only does it allow us to further build upon strong relationships, but it gives us constant exposure to new challenges and perspectives that previous generations might not have…

Benefits Of Intra-family Loans

Benefits of Intra-family Loans

Intra-family loans present the opportunity to borrow money at substantially lower rates than available by traditional mortgage. The key is to borrow at a rate equal to or higher than the published Applicable Federal Rate (AFR rate) which is the minimum…

How Does A Mega Backdoor Roth 401(k) Work?

How Does a Mega Backdoor Roth 401(k) Work?

What do my dog (Sherlock) and hamster (Snuffles) have to do with Mega Backdoor Roth 401(k) contributions? Other than being super cute, these intelligent creatures are masters at squirreling away their treats for later. Sherlock will dig holes (grrr) to…

Q1 2021 – The Economic Bloom: Recovery Post COVID-19

Q1 2021 – The Economic Bloom: Recovery Post COVID-19

My daffodils and crocuses bloomed on the same day this spring. This was unexpected. Usually the crocuses are first, and the daffodils follow. This flower rotation is a simple reminder that each spring is a bit different than the last…

Benefits Of A Securities-Backed Line Of Credit

Benefits of a Securities-Backed Line of Credit

Many high-net-worth individuals have a significant portion of their wealth stored in financial assets - e.g. stocks and bonds in a portfolio. With the success of the markets over the last decade, many investors have greatly benefited from an increase…

Collections And Estate Planning – Charitable Gifting

Collections and Estate Planning – Charitable Gifting

Part 4 of 4 Collections as Charitable Gifts: What You Need to Know How do you feel when you think about giving or donating your collection? Does it fill you with excitement to give something that has brought you so…

What Insurance Do I Need In Retirement?

What Insurance Do I Need In Retirement?

There are plenty of risks that we need to think about and manage as we age.  Those risks may include market declines, premature death, fire hazards or liabilities associated with driving.  As we age, we also think about new risks…

#1 Fraud In 2020: Imposter Scams

#1 Fraud in 2020: Imposter Scams

The phone rings, and it’s your grandchild’s phone number.  You answer, excited for a call with your loved one, but someone else answers.  The caller explains frantically and tearfully that your grandchild has been badly injured and needs money immediately…

Retirement Income: Some Rules Are Meant To Be Broken!

Retirement Income: Some rules are meant to be broken!

For many of us who are still in our working years, the word retirement doesn’t resonate. We know it’s a goal that we save for, but the reality is, we don’t think about the nuances until we’re close enough to…

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