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A Guide To Charitable Remainder Trusts

A Guide to Charitable Remainder Trusts

Written by: Chad O'Brien and Peter O'Neill There are types of strategies that when executed properly, can financially support charitable organizations you are passionate about and provide you with significant tax benefits.  Most of our clients are familiar with donating…

Democratic Impact On Markets And Investors

Democratic Impact on Markets and Investors

With the 2020 election cycle now complete, we can turn our attention towards the impact on markets and investors. As we do so, it is important to remember that economic and market fundamentals matter more than who controls Washington. Evaluations…

2021: Finding The Right Balance

2021: Finding the Right Balance

Dark chocolate with sea salt is a decadent treat.  Before trying it, I skeptically asked, ‘Why would you ruin a delicious piece of chocolate with salt?’  I soon learned that the balance between the extremes makes the taste so exquisite. …

2020 Vision: COVID-19 Retirement Planning

2020 Vision: COVID-19 Retirement Planning

As far back as I can remember, I have always had bad eyesight. My mother would tell you that I sat too closely to the TV but the truth is I was dealt a bad hand! However, since 2010, I’m…

Investment Considerations For Year-End

Investment Considerations for Year-End

2020 will go down as a particularly unusual year. The pandemic brought large market swings, record unemployment and rippled through industries. In one way or another, it has affected how we live and work. Being so unusual and widespread, it…

An “ING-teresting” Kind Of Trust

An “ING-teresting” Kind of Trust

Have you heard of an ING-teresting trust planning vehicle that can help to reduce or eliminate state income taxes upon the sale of highly appreciated assets?  If you live in a high-income tax state such as New Jersey, this trust…

Post-Election Market Analysis

Post-Election Market Analysis

Now that the US Presidential election results are in, what will this mean for your financial plan? Prior to the November 2020 elections, we shared some of our thoughts on how the outcome might impact your portfolio and plan. We…

Proactive Income Tax Planning

Proactive Income Tax Planning

Like most election cycles, there has been a lot of talk about the direction of income taxes.  While the results of the Senate race will not be known until January, we know that neither party will have a majority in…

Credit Protection: Two Ways To Safeguard Information

Credit Protection: Two Ways to Safeguard Information

In a world of increasingly sophisticated hackers and identity thieves, credit protection is important to safeguard your personal information. The good news is there are more tools than ever at your disposal—but where to start? The best strategy is a…

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