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Opportunity Like No Other – Qualified Opportunity Zones

Opportunity Like No Other – Qualified Opportunity Zones

The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act of 2017 brought sweeping change across our federal tax code.  Its goal of tax simplification resulted in the elimination and/or limitation of many itemized deductions that have benefited residents of high tax states.  With…

The Tax Benefit For Protecting Land

The Tax Benefit for Protecting Land

Every so often we will see a family who has land that has been in the family for generations and has great sentimental value as a result.  The problem often faced by the current generation of landowners is how they…

The Upromise Loyalty Program

The Upromise Loyalty Program

My husband, Luke, and I both paid our own way through college. We really had no other option. We were both raised by single moms who had five kids (my mom) and four kids (Luke’s mom). Our moms did everything…

Don’t Turn Your Back On Value Now

Don’t Turn Your Back on Value Now

Over the last several years, there are likely many value investors who are growing impatient with their investment strategy. With the success we have seen from growth stocks, such as those known as the FANGs (Facebook, Amazon, Netflix, and Google),…

How Concierge Medicine Can Benefit Business Owners

How Concierge Medicine Can Benefit Business Owners

As a business owner, a big part of your success relies on you remaining physically and cognitively healthy. Your company probably runs most effectively when you’re actively involved. In addition to exercising, eating right and managing stress, have you considered…

Rising Interest Rates And Their Impact On Bond Portfolios

Rising Interest Rates and their Impact on Bond Portfolios

With the Federal Reserve in the process of raising the federal funds rate, the rate at which banks lend reserve balances to other banks on an overnight basis, some investors may be concerned about its impact on their bond portfolios.…

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