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Is the Hummer on Its Way Back?

Gas Pump

Drivers who embraced the “bigger is always better” mindset weren’t happy when General Motors discontinued its massive, military-inspired vehicle five years ago. But the Hummer’s end was probably inevitable: Gas prices were rising sharply, and…

The Power of Breaking Away From the Investment Herd

Standing Out In A Crowd

In the 1950s, psychologist Solomon Asch performed a groundbreaking experiment about social conformity that’s still relevant today. In fact, it may help to explain a lot about investment mistakes we are all prone to making—even…

Leaving New Jersey: A Tax-Related Exodus?

Image Of New Jersey Sign

In recent years, an increasing number of our retirement-minded, New Jersey clients started asking us the same question: “If I were to move, what tax-friendly states would you recommend?” We talked to our accountant and…

Learning to Ride on Two Wheels


I remember my father’s words as clearly as if he said them yesterday: "The training wheels are coming off this summer." That made me a little nervous. When my father put those helping wheels on…

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