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Dying in New Jersey: The Estate Tax Challenge

Fortune Cookie

Benjamin Franklin is often credited for the well-known phrase “…in this world nothing can be said to be certain, except death and taxes.” If Franklin lived in New Jersey today, he’d undoubtedly stand by that…

Gifts that Keep on Earning: Roth IRAs

Roth IRA Gift

Helping your kids and grandkids save for their future can be incredibly rewarding. You get the pleasure of sharing your wealth (possibly in a very tax-efficient way), and your kids/grandkids get the chance to start…

Moving Out of New Jersey: What You Need to Know

Image Of New Jersey Sign

Many New Jerseyans—particularly those eager to leave behind the state’s high property, estate, and “millionaire’s” tax—are learning quickly that moving away from the state in order to pay less taxes elsewhere isn’t as simple as…

Leaving New Jersey: A Tax-Related Exodus?

Image Of New Jersey Sign

In recent years, an increasing number of our retirement-minded, New Jersey clients started asking us the same question: “If I were to move, what tax-friendly states would you recommend?” We talked to our accountant and…

Getting a Break on Real Estate Taxes

Money House

If you’re a property owner, it’s a good idea to periodically review whether you could be paying too much in property taxes. As you know, real estate taxes are a major expense. However, your tax…

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