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Leaving New Jersey: A Tax-Related Exodus?

Image Of New Jersey Sign

In recent years, an increasing number of our retirement-minded, New Jersey clients started asking us the same question: “If I were to move, what tax-friendly states would you recommend?” We talked to our accountant and…

The Roth 401(k): An Easily Overlooked Option

Roth Nest Egg

Are you missing out on the chance to contribute to what I often refer to as a “scarce resource”—a Roth-type or after-tax retirement account? Before you assume you’re not eligible to contribute to this account…

Myth of the Month: Age-Based Allocation

Asset Allocation

Have you ever heard the rule of thumb: "Your allocation in bonds should equal your age" or, "Your equities allocation should equal 100 minus your age"? Those are often-used statements, but the truth is that…

Helping to Address the Risk of Longevity

Five Tips For Year End Charitable Giving

If you’ve driven from New Jersey into New York City recently, you’ve probably seen a flurry of billboards advertising the probability of a longer life expectancy than many of us anticipate. Their catchy headlines include:…

How to Handle a Price Hike in Your Long-Term Care Policy

Price Hike

Many insurance companies have recently decided to stop offering individual long-term care (LTC) policies. In addition, companies still offering LTC policies have petitioned state insurance departments for permission to increase premiums. Why is this happening…

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