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ESG Investing Can Help Your Nonprofit Find Talent

ESG Investing Nonprofit

Can a commitment to strong ESG investing (environmental, social, and governance) within your retirement plan investments help attract and retain talented employees in your nonprofit organization?  It matters more than you might think.  End Homelessness,…

Five Tips for Year End Charitable Giving

Five Tips For Year End Charitable Giving

This is one of the most important times of year for charitable fundraising. Nearly a third of all donations are made during the month of December.  There’s nothing like a deadline to motivate, and the…

How to Improve Your Nonprofit’s Social Media Efforts

Social Media With Other Words

George Weiner is the “Chief Whaler” (a.k.a. founder and president) of Whole Whale, a digital agency based in Brooklyn, New York. Members of RegentAtlantic’s Neighborhood Nonprofit Group (NNG) recently asked Weiner for advice on improving…

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