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The Federal Reserve

The Federal Reserve

The Federal Reserve, once again, is in the public spotlight as the coronavirus pandemic continues. For good reason, as one of their general functions is to promote the stability and smooth functioning of the financial…

Politics vs. Company Stock Performance

Company Stock Performance

Have you ever heard news about a company and noticed that the stock price did not move? Perhaps it moved in a direction you were not expecting. This happens more often than you would think…

Recency Bias and the Risk of the Recession

Recency Bias

In 2019 investors have begun to worry about the risk of a recession in the U.S. and especially about how the investment markets might respond in a recessionary period.  The year has brought a number…

Long-Term Investing – How to Define It?

Long-term Investing

There are many ways investors interpret the idea of long term. This is particularly relevant when the investor is about to retire and thinks, “I don’t have long term.” Some will define long-term investing with…

Bonds and the Power of a Diversified Portfolio

Bonds And Power Of Diversified Portfolio

Bonds play an important role in a portfolio for many investors. A basket of high-quality bonds will provide a steady return stream, and when added to a portfolio of stocks, they provide some stability if…

Yield Curve as Predictor of Recession

Yield Curve As Predictor Of Recession

The past months have whipsawed investors.  2018 closed with most asset classes down after a turbulent December.  2019 opened with sharp gains in most asset classes, reversing prior declines.  These jarring moves have investors searching…

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