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What Insurance Do I Need In Retirement?

Life Insurance

There are plenty of risks that we need to think about and manage as we age.  Those risks may include market declines, premature death, fire hazards or liabilities associated with driving.  As we age, we…

A Guide to Charitable Remainder Trusts

A Guide To Charitable Remainder Trusts

Written by: Chad O'Brien and Peter O'Neill There are types of strategies that when executed properly, can financially support charitable organizations you are passionate about and provide you with significant tax benefits.  Most of our…

Collections and Estate Planning – Division of Assets

Division Of Assets - Collections And Estate Planning

Part 2 of 4 Whether you collect first-edition books or sports memorabilia, you’ve likely put significant time, effort, and money into the items you’ve accumulated over time. Regardless of what they’re worth, it’s not unusual…

GRAT: Strategy in Low Interest Rates Environments


The past decade has been a historic time for interest rates, as they have hovered around unprecedented lows since the Financial Crisis. These favorable interest rate conditions create some compelling estate planning opportunities. One strategy…

SECURE Act – Revisiting Your Estate Plan

Secure Act Estate

The SECURE Act, which passed in December, made the most pronounced changes to retirement accounts in a long time. Those changes also have a ripple effect that has us revisiting our clients’ estate plans.  Under previous…

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