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Five Tips for Year End Charitable Giving

Five Tips For Year End Charitable Giving

This is one of the most important times of year for charitable fundraising. Nearly a third of all donations are made during the month of December.  There’s nothing like a deadline to motivate, and the…

How to Improve Your Nonprofit’s Social Media Efforts

Social Media With Other Words

George Weiner is the “Chief Whaler” (a.k.a. founder and president) of Whole Whale, a digital agency based in Brooklyn, New York. Members of RegentAtlantic’s Neighborhood Nonprofit Group (NNG) recently asked Weiner for advice on improving…

How to Start a Nonprofit Planned Giving Program


Planned giving is an important—but often easily ignored—component of every nonprofit’s fundraising program. The reality is this: Charitable organizations tend to focus on raising money today through their Annual Fund or major gala event. The…

Is Your Nonprofit Missing Out on Planned Gifts?


For many nonprofit organizations, their planned giving program basically consists of a tiny “Remember us in your will” tagline on marketing materials. I hate to tell you, but that little message probably isn’t going to result…

A Primer on Nonprofit “Spending Policies”

IRS Updates - What's On The Horizon For 2018

You may have heard that your nonprofit would benefit from having a clear ‘spending policy.’ But exactly what is it, and why do you need one for your organization’s endowment? To start, an effectively designed…

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