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Am I “Tax Locked” In My Home?

Am I “Tax Locked” In My Home?

As retirees age, it often becomes apparent that the home in which they raised families may not be the home they remain in long term.  It may be more square footage than needed, or may require more cost and time…

Looking To Make A Move Prior To Selling Your Home?

Looking to Make a Move Prior to Selling Your Home?

Consider a Pledged Asset Line Many retirees consider the benefits of downsizing their home at some point.  According to Zillow, 46% of Baby Boomers who sold their homes in 2017 were in the process of downsizing.  But what happens if…

Medicare’s Annual Election Period

Medicare’s Annual Election Period

The arrival of autumn brings about the changing leaves, pumpkins and cooler weather. It also brings about Medicare’s Annual Election Period (AEP). AEP, which happens between October 15 and December 7, provides the opportunity for current participants in Medicare to…

What Does Being A Trustee Entail?

What Does Being a Trustee Entail?

Imagine you have just gone through a thoughtful estate planning process.  Trusts may play a critical role in ensuring that your legacy is carried on in the way you desire. Often times, the grantor is comfortable serving as trustee while…

Q3 2021: The Value Of The Five-Minute Warning

Q3 2021: The Value of the Five-Minute Warning

When my girls were younger, and we were at a playdate or birthday party, I found it very helpful to give them a five-minute warning that we were about to leave. As a parent, you can usually sense when it’s time to…

Demystifying How To Act As A Smart Healthcare “Consumer”

Demystifying How To Act As A Smart Healthcare “Consumer”

Healthcare has changed dramatically in the last decade from access and advancements to insurance and privacy. Cost transparency for the healthcare consumer has become increasingly important.  With several important healthcare changes on the 2022 horizon, we’re committed to helping our…

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