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Mise En Place And Open Enrollment

Mise En Place and Open Enrollment

I learned about the idea of “mise en place” during a cooking class I took several years ago. In cooking it means to lay out all the ingredients and supplies you need before you start cooking.  It makes so much…

End Of Life Planning – Only For The Elderly?

End of Life Planning – only for the elderly?

The recent environment with Covid brought to light situations where people were faced with needing extraordinary medical care, such as going on a ventilator, well before the age they may have anticipated. It also highlighted how many people, especially younger…

Leveraging Assets For Debt

Leveraging Assets for Debt

When you have a spending goal, whether big or small, you need to plan around how that goal will be funded. Will the goal be funded via cash flow or cash on hand? Will you need to sell assets and/or…

Planning For Potential Student Loan Forgiveness

Planning for Potential Student Loan Forgiveness

Last week President Biden delivered on his long-awaited campaign promise of broad-based student loan forgiveness just one week before the latest payment pause was set to expire. Let’s take a look at what the announcement consisted of, and what it…

Market Timing: Risky Gambit?

Market Timing: Risky Gambit?

As a child, you may have had to pass time on long car rides and trips. When I was young, I liked to pass the time by playing a very simple game with a stopwatch. I would click start, watch…

529 Distributions – Getting Your Bucks In A Row

529 Distributions – Getting your bucks in a row

The time of year has come to tackle Fall semester tuition bills! Having established and contributed to a 529 education savings plan, you’ve positioned your family well. This article discusses how to get the 529 bucks in a row to…

Q2 2022 Quarterly Letter

Q2 2022 Quarterly Letter

How Biases Shape Market Movements  — and Create Opportunities “The idea that the future is unpredictable is undermined every day by the ease with which the past is explained.”              Daniel Kahneman “Thinking, Fast and Slow” (2011) One of my…

Understanding Private Investments 

Understanding Private Investments 

As you sit at your coffee table reviewing your investment portfolio,  you can’t help but notice the sharp swings in value and think to yourself, “What else is out there?  Are we really looking at all our options?” For many…

Property Financing: How To Find Potential Tax Savings

Property Financing: How to Find Potential Tax Savings

The Real Estate market, particularly residential housing, has seen tremendous growth over the past few years. For those looking for homes, supply has been low and demand has been strong, necessitating many buyers to sweeten the deal by waiving inspections…

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